Benefits of PCB Prototyping

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Printed Circuit Board Prototyping is the most essential step in the designing as well as manufacturing of an electronic device. One needs the PCB to properly connect the different components of the device, and an efficient PCB design therefore forms the quintessence of proper working of the device. The first step is to make a prototype. You can either make your own prototype or get a company specializing in the aforementioned trade to build one for you. One of the main concerns for anyone making an electronic device is its efficiency, but even higher up the list is cost. Cheap PCB Prototyping is usually possible when you have those who do so regularly do the job for you. Making your own prototype is not a good way to ease that burden since you would require proper assembling and fabrication facilities for that. So it is better to go for a manufacturer or seller. The next obstacle is deciding what kind of company or seller of prototypes to go for.

The first thing you need to see is if the company would work with your particular device’s specifications, since the proper working of your device is the basic requirement. You need to check whether the company manufactures PCB’s of the kind that are required for your device. You could also pay attention to those companies who take orders online. Such companies usually ask for the material required to be used and the design specifications. Based on that a quote is generated and you can decide if it is feasible for you. The companies or sellers who deal with customers online usually provide information as to the type of equipment they are equipped with, which is another factor that could help you in your decision.

Quick Turnaround time is another important factor when selecting a company. The time required for getting the prototype from any company would depend on the design specifications that you provide. It also depends on the material you ask the manufacturer to use. If the material is such that is not used very often then the time taken for manufacturing would invariably be higher. The technique the company uses to make the prototypes plays an important part in the turnaround time as well. So going for companies that specify their techniques on their website would prove to be better.

The company’s efficiency in PCB Prototyping can also be gauged by going through their website. Since a good company would usually specify the techniques it uses to manufacture as well as test its products, you can get a good indication of the quality of the PCB you will receive from them. Usage of good manufacturing and testing techniques is an indirect assurance of quality. You would also need to check if the company can work with the file format that you send them. Unless the format you choose to send your file in is too obsolete or rare, you can usually find a compatible format.

Quick Turn Protos is a full featured PCB Prototype shop from the Chicago area, specializing in manufacturing of double sided and multi layer cheap prototype PCB.

We are uniquely positioned to offer Quick Turnaround PCB Prototype including same day delivery, “in by 9:00, out by 6:00” on prototypes with an on time guarantee. Our product range and capabilities provide you a competitive advantage when you work with us. Our monthly specials are a great way to take advantage of our extremely low cost and give your project a boost.

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Design for Manufacturing

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Cheap Prototype PCB, quick turn pcb, printed circuit board manufacturing, drilling, PCB manufacturing, pcb board design

Designing for Manufacturing is a widely used production technique that is aimed at increasing the overall efficiency of the manufacturing process, while effectively minimizing manufacturing costs and eliminating all unnecessary expenditures. It is a highly recommended approach for manufacturing and fabricating printed circuit boards. DFM is designed to reduce the manufacturing costs of your cheap PCB prototype, and the highly standardized and well-regulated rules allow the PCB designer to carry out the PCB manufacturing process with the use of highly optimized equipment and resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Designing for Manufacturing is a process that is specifically designed to effectively streamline the production process, eliminate cost overruns and reduce all the time delays to ultimately enhance the profitability and provide your business a competitive edge. If a fabrication shop manages to save maximum time and effectively counter all delays, he can deliver the order quicker than others and enable the customers to reap the benefits of quick time to market and established branding. However, it is essential to understand that the DFM process does not, in any way, rush or hurry the production process, on the contrary, it efficiently regulates and standardizes all the stages of production to ensure that the production management and organisation is not overwhelmingly complicated, cost prohibitive or slow.

The importance and significance of designing for manufacturing cannot be ignored as the design decisions account for around 70% of the production and manufacturing costs, while the actual production and development process only accounts for a mere 30%. The DFM process ensures that your design is highly standardized and structured with well-regulated rules and steps to ensure that the complexity of manufacturing is effectively reduced along with the costs. At Quick Turn Protos, we conduct a DFM check on all orders. This enables us to keep our PCB manufacturing costs on the low end and pass the savings to our customers.

The DFM process is structured to not only reduces costs and eases the complexities involved in production, but also provides a whole range of benefits that include the following:

* The DFM helps us, the PCB manufacturer makes the most effective and productive design decisions that begin by choosing the most suitable panel size and run.
* The DFM approach effectively and efficiently reduces all raw material, equipment, overhead and labor costs, and in turn, drives the cost incurred on production as low as possible.
* It is specifically designed to shorten the PCB Manufacturing cycle, so that we can deliver your cheap PCB prototype with a quick turnaround, sometimes as quick as the same day.
* The DFM is indeed the most effective and reliable approach to effectively eliminate all delays, production stoppages and downtime that will lead to incurring extra costs and delay the delivery.
* Lastly, the DFM check optimizes material usage that leads to a great avoidance of wastage and drives down the overall manufacturing costs.

Quick Turn Protos is a short run PCB manufacturer from Chicago, specializing in manufacturing of double sided and multi layer cheap prototype PCB.

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PCB Prototyping in the USA

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Cheap Prototype PCB, quick turn pcb, printed circuit board manufacturing, drilling, PCB manufacturing, pcb board design

Our world has become an ever changing and evolving electronic environment. With each change, are the engineers who are designing the circuit boards that are making all our electronic devices faster and more user-friendly. Our electronic dependence is an ever increasing and demanding one. Circuit boards have evolved into multi-layered, component-laden devices that have strict requirements for their performance in all of our electronic devices. Engineers are always improving the performance of our devices by designing more complicated circuit boards that carry the load and responsibility of keeping our electronic devices operating efficiently.

At Quick Turn Protos, we specialize in providing cheap Prototype PCBs and affordable prototyping of your specialized multi-layer circuit board. Our fabrication base is in Chicago which allows us the capability for Quick Turn PCB time in creating your specialized prototype so design engineers can quickly find out if their design will integrate with their devices and perform as they expect it to. Time is always of the essence in producing the ‘next big thing’. Quick Turn Protos, provides a service known as Express PCB that enables designers and manufacturers to test their products at a lightning fast pace with delivery as fast as the same-day.

Quick Turn Protos works hard to meet the needs of manufacturers in keeping costs within budget for all circuit board products. Our company is proud to be able to produce affordable circuit board prototypes made right here in the USA. Costs are always of concern when producing products, especially products for mass distribution. Our engineers follow stringent processes and produce quality circuit boards that are rigorously tested for 100% compliance. Manufacturers can be assured of receiving a high-quality circuit board with a fast, same-day turnaround time.

Let Quick Turn Protos prove our reputation to you and produce the best, affordable and cost-effective circuit board that you have designed. In our Chicago-based fabrication facility, we will not only create your circuit board prototype; but, we will get it to you fast!