PCB Prototyping in the USA

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Our world has become an ever changing and evolving electronic environment. With each change, are the engineers who are designing the circuit boards that are making all our electronic devices faster and more user-friendly. Our electronic dependence is an ever increasing and demanding one. Circuit boards have evolved into multi-layered, component-laden devices that have strict requirements for their performance in all of our electronic devices. Engineers are always improving the performance of our devices by designing more complicated circuit boards that carry the load and responsibility of keeping our electronic devices operating efficiently.

At Quick Turn Protos, we specialize in providing cheap Prototype PCBs and affordable prototyping of your specialized multi-layer circuit board. Our fabrication base is in Chicago which allows us the capability for Quick Turn PCB time in creating your specialized prototype so design engineers can quickly find out if their design will integrate with their devices and perform as they expect it to. Time is always of the essence in producing the ‘next big thing’. Quick Turn Protos, provides a service known as Express PCB that enables designers and manufacturers to test their products at a lightning fast pace with delivery as fast as the same-day.

Quick Turn Protos works hard to meet the needs of manufacturers in keeping costs within budget for all circuit board products. Our company is proud to be able to produce affordable circuit board prototypes made right here in the USA. Costs are always of concern when producing products, especially products for mass distribution. Our engineers follow stringent processes and produce quality circuit boards that are rigorously tested for 100% compliance. Manufacturers can be assured of receiving a high-quality circuit board with a fast, same-day turnaround time.

Let Quick Turn Protos prove our reputation to you and produce the best, affordable and cost-effective circuit board that you have designed. In our Chicago-based fabrication facility, we will not only create your circuit board prototype; but, we will get it to you fast!

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